Live Bidding

Timed Online Auctions:
In order to bid you need to register a deVeres account. When registered you can leave bids on multiple lots at any stage up until the closing time, whereby the highest bidder wins the lot. Bidding increments are approx. 10%, e.g
€0 - €49 by €5, €50 - €199 by €10
€200 - €499 by €20, €500 - €999 by €50
€1,000 - €1,999 by €100, etc
At any point you can leave a maximum bid, representing the highest price you are prepared to pay for a particular lot. Bidding only advances when there is competition from a rival bidder. In that case the system bids on your behalf, only up to the maximum if required. All bids are relayed to you be email, along with notification if you have been outbid.
If a bid is received in the final three minutes of a timed auction the clock resets back to three minutes, in order to give other bidders an opportunity to respond.
All maximum bids are confidential and not disclosed. We will endeavor to purchase the lot for you for the least price. Bids are subject to buyer’s premium of 25% (incl vat), with no additional charges.

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