Patrick Scott

Patrick Scott was born in Cork and came to painting after working within the field of architecture. It is no surprise then that his painting have a deeply architectural base: as a painter he has an architectural turn of mind, reflected in the structure and constructivist themes of his work, and in its intellectual discipline and order. (Dorothy Walker, Patrick Scott, 1981). Though a self taught artist he exhibited with the White Stag Group while still at college, and later exhibited at the Irish Exhibition of Living Art in 1943.

Scott developed a distinctive style through his signature gold paintings. These paintings were initially met with confusion when first exhibited in 1965 in Dublin and Scott would have been an early proponent of minimalism and constructivism in Ireland. Despite the initial lack of understanding in his style he was commended by his contemporary Brian O'Doherty in 1981 following his auspicious retrospective at Douglas Hyde Gallery for maintaining the integrity in the style of his work. As his art developed the circle remained of central importance. His palette remained muted which contributed to the overall zen-like aestheticism that he achieved.

Scott represented Ireland at Venice Biennale in 1960 and in that same year won the Guggenheim National Award.
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