Auctions can be exciting events. We’ve all seen the movies: the tense hush, the auctioneer commanding the bids, the prices shooting to the heavens. But these days, just as many people buy online, whether that's leaving a bid for a general auction, or getting ahead of the latest trend, which is for online only auctions.
The deVere’s Online Only Auction is now LIVE
End date:  Bidding closes: Tuesday 11th February from 6pm

What is an online only auction?
An online only auction does exactly what it says on the tin: you browse, bid and buy online. Once upon a time, that might have seemed like an outlandish thing to do, but today there isn’t much you can’t make your own with just a few clicks.

Why choose online only?
Online auctions are a great way to offer works at a more affordable level. The majority of lots are estimated under €1000, but are still by recognisable names. It’s a great entry level to the art market. And even though the auction is conducted online, you can still come and view the works in our gallery space at 35 Kildare Street, where we’ll be delighted to see you.

For new buyers, online only is a great way to discover art works to love, at affordable prices. Busy established collectors also find online only a very easy way to feed their art habit. It’s simple to browse, and easy to bid. 

Where do I start?
First browse the artworks in the catalogue, you’ll find approximately 150 works for sale in the deVeres February Online Auction

An ideal opportunity to start, or extend your love of art: works range from just €100 to €2,000.
Now that you’ve fallen love with one (or more) lots, you can easily go deeper by looking up other works by the artist online, research reviews and views, or simply go with your gut. The prices are designed to keep things fun and engaging, while still connecting wonderful artworks with new owners.

What do I do next?
In order to bid you need to register a deVeres account. When registered you can leave bids on multiple lots at any stage up until the closing time, whereby the highest bidder wins the lot. Bidding increments are approx. 10%, e.g
€0 - €49 by €5, €50 - €199 by €10
€200 - €499 by €20, €500 - €999 by €50
€1,000 - €1,999 by €100, etc
At any point you can leave a maximum bid, representing the highest price you are prepared to pay for a particular lot. Bidding only advances when there is competition from a rival bidder. In that case the system bids on your behalf, only up to the maximum if required. All bids are relayed to you be email, along with notification if you have been outbid.

No payment will be taken until the auction is concluded, and we have contacted you to complete the transaction. Your bid is, however, binding and is considered a contract.

How does the bidding work?
So you’ve fallen in love with your work of choice, taking as an example a lot that has an auction estimate of €200-400 with the reserve at €200. You leave a bid of €500. The lot will then open at the reserve price of €200. At the end of the auction if there is no competition you will purchase at €200. However, if there are competing bids from other interested parties then your bid will automatically kick in, in increments of 10%, up to your maximum if required.

The auction is open for a whole week, so you have plenty of time to check in and see how you’re doing. You will receive regular updates by email if you have been outbid, or if the bidding has advanced. All this means is that you may well get the work for less than your maximum bid, and your bid will only ever increase enough to keep you in the lead.

What happens when the auction ends?
The auction is programmed to finish at 6pm on February 11th. Therefore, lot 1 finishes at 6pm with each subsequent lot closing at 30 second intervals. All successful purchasers will receive an email confirming their purchase, along with the invoice and payment options. We do not take any funds from the registered card.

What about last minute bids?
Last minute bids are known in the trade as “bid sniping”, and to keep things fair, if a new high bid comes in with moments to go, the lot is automatically extended by three minutes. After all, no one should lose out just because they didn’t click fast enough.

Any extra costs?
Yes, there’ll be a 25% Buyer’s Premium, which includes VAT to add to your bid, with no other costs. If shipping is required, we can recommend a number of accredited art shippers.

How can I know the work is in good condition if I can’t see it for real?
Each lot has a full catalogue description and image attached to it, so you can be sure of what you see. You can also request a detailed condition report or additional images of any lot that catches your eye.
The deVeres Online Only Auction is now live click to view
Viewing times: Mon-Fri, 9.30-5.30 amd Sunday 9th Feb, 2-5pm, at 35 Kildare Street      
End date:  Bidding closes: Tuesday 11th February from 6pm
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