Melanie le Brocquy HRHA

Melanie Le Brocquy was born in Dublin and studied at NCAD in 1939. In 1940 she studied at Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Geneva on a scholarship and in 1942 at Royal Hibernian School of Art. She was the sister to Louis Le Brocquy, widely considered the most important Irish artist of the second half of twentieth century.

Melanie Le Brocquy’s reputation has justifiably increased in more recent years for a number of reasons. Primary the long standing prevalence given to painting in Ireland was reassessed and sculpture rose in collective estimation. Melanie Le Brocquy was also absent from the art world for a prolonged hiatus due to illness, marriage and children, only to reemerge in 1960s at a time when Ireland was enjoying its initial wave of modernism, a moment in which her traditional style did not gel naturally.

Though Melanie Le Brocquy had a quiet career she has owned an enduring following of admirers and her work remains in high demand today. She gained constant recognition of her artistic ability. She won many prizes including the California Gold medal for the Royal Dublin Society in 1939, she received accolades for a joint exhibition with her brother in 1942 and enjoyed a retrospective at the Royal Hibernian Academy in 1999.
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