Mary Lohan

Born in Dublin in 1954, Mary Lohan studied painting at NCAD and was awarded her first solo exhibition in 1990. ‘Her paintings are pure Donegal, water logged, muddy and rain-sodden, but ever changing and energetic. Much of this uniqueness lies in Lohan’s method using knives and scrapers and applying thick pigment wet on wet’ Ciara Ferguson, Sunday Independent, April 1998.

Though once preoccupied with the sea in storm, her more recent paintings depict instead the calm after the chaos and thus her paintings while imparting movement and action, offer a calm air.

Her paintings do not conform to general restrictions in format or plain and she often allows her thick impasto paint to spill over to the supports. Though her scenes depict the shoreline and horizon, we are encouraged to seek beyond the horizon, to what may lie beyond. Indeed, the shoreline, sea and sky are cast in light serving to tie the elements of her painting together, sharing their similarities and downplaying the differences - an interesting and successful metaphor.

Among her achievements she was awarded the Taylor De Vere Award at 1991 RHA Annual Exhibition, won 1st Prize at the Claremorris Open Exhibition in 1992. She is an elected member of Aosdána and has exhibited her work in commercial as well as public institutions, including Chester Beatty Library, IMMA, Vangard Gallery Cork among others.
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